Bag Care



For hand washing use a bit of  liquid detergent ( not powder).  Firstly take of the chains, they are attached with spring rings, and take of the the rings also. You can leave the bag to soak for a while in a mixture of warm water and the detergent, and then use your hand to gently wash the bag, don’t use anything like a sponge etc,,, as that might damage the material. Then rinse the bag thoroughly with plain water before leaving to air dry, you can wrap the bag in a towel for a while to absorb the remaining water.

To dry the bag, give it the right shape and leave it in an upright position to dry, away from the sun. NEVER PUT IN A DRYER.

Place it on a towel to avoid unwanted dirt or stains on the handbag.


*If your bag contains Metallic yarn, clean that part just with a damp cloth. Do not soak the Metallic yarn in water or use detergent on it.

* If your bag has beads on, do not soak the beads on water.